Concordia University's All Steinway School Initiative

Our Goal

Committed to excellence!

The music department at Concordia University, Nebraska has embarked on a strategic initiative to enhance the student experience by becoming an All-Steinway School. This commitment provides the world’s finest Steinway designed pianos for instruction and performances throughout the music building and across campus. The university has identified four phases to the initiative with the first phase having been funded by Concordia! Fundraising efforts have begun, and gifts from generous donors like you are crucial to providing our students with the best pianos available.

We can’t meet our full potential as a department without the best instruments,” says Dr. Elizabeth Grimpo, associate professor of music. “Prospective students, alumni and other constituents know we are serious and passionate about our craft when they see we are committed to excellence.”

By becoming an All-Steinway School, Concordia will demonstrate that commitment to excellence and an unparalleled educational experience by inspiring students to realize their God-given artistic talents, and best prepare them to compete at the highest level in the professional world. In doing so, Concordia will become one of approximately 200 All-Steinway Schools world-wide.

“We must move to a Steinway campus to recruit serious music students and keep a competitive edge,” adds Dr. Kurt von Kampen, professor of music and chair of the music department.

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